Fitness Classes

fitness-class-webBridgeMill Athletic Club offers a full schedule of classes designed to meet the needs of a diverse community.  CardioStrength, HIIT, PiYO, Yoga, and many more… we have a class suited for your unique abilities and fitness goals.

Monday Madness with Loui | Monday 9:15am
Get your week started with a fun/intense workout that alternates between cardiovascular and strength segment, for a total body workout.

Muscle Blast with Mary K | Monday 6:00pm and Saturday 9:00am
High intensity cardiovascular segments with core and strength work.

The Mix with Laura | Tuesday 8:15am
An intense total body workout that combines plyometrics, core and strength training.

Fitness Inferno with Holly | Tuesday 9:15am
Class consists of 10 rounds of cardio intertwined with a bbtransition period of body weight and strength exercises for a moderate to high intensity workout.

Yoga with Loui | Tuesday 12:00pm and Friday 9:15am
Focuses on basic yoga stretching/strengthening/balancing poses and is appropriate for all ages/levels of fitness. Yoga mats are available.

YogaStrength with Loui | Tuesday 7:00pm
Includes the postures used in basic Yoga at a much quicker pace, with the addition of more advanced moves and a warmer temperature. A Yoga mat and towel are recommended.

Bender Barre with Laura | Wednesday 8:15am
Sculpt long lean muscles and strengthen your core while utilizing Bender Balls, light weights, bands, and gliders with ballet, Pilates, and yoga inspired moves. This is great for all levels as a low impact class.

Tabata/Interval with Holly | Wednesday 9:15am
High-Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T) workout.

Body Blast with Mary K | Wednesday 6:00pm
Cardio/Plyometrics, Strength and Core training for a total body workout that hits every muscle group for a moderate to high intensity total body workout.

30 Minute Express Workout with Andrea | Thursday 7:30am
Circuit format, using dynamic movement with medicine/stability balls, weights and bands for a total body workout. (Cost is $2 for this class).

PiYO with Judy | Thursday 8:15am
PiYo gives you hardcore definition, intense calorie burn, and allover strength, without weights, without jumps, and without destroying your body.

Power Hour with Mary K | Thursday 9:15am
Combination of cardio and strength using weights, balls and more for a total body workout.

Rolling Yoga with Loui | Thursday 11:30am
A restorative, intense class that combines yoga poses and the foam roller for increased flexibility, Myofascial release and movement therapy. Foam roller and yoga mats available.

CardioKickboxing with Judy | Friday 8:15am
This fun & energetic class combines calorie blasting Kickboxing, Body Sculpting, Ab and Core exercises.

All class fees are $3 per class or $32 per month (must be paid at the start of the month). Fees may be charged to your Member account. The above classes are inclusive in Golf Memberships. Please sign in at the desk upon entering the Fitness Center and indicate if you are a Golf Member or type of payment.