Swim Team and Lessons

SWIM TEAM  The goal of the BridgeMill Swim Team is to enhance the strokes of participants, provide a healthy, competitive swimming environment and encourage positive team attitudes while having fun!  Our program teaches basic swimming and breathing drills, while working on strengthening and conditioning the swimmer’s fitness. Each stroke will be taught by breaking it into parts and putting it back together to produce the full stroke. The goal is to create a fun, safe, nurturing but strict learning environment.  Club membership is required to participate in Swim Team.


Level 3 & 4
 Participants must be able to swim free style and back stroke unassisted.
Level 2  Participants must be comfortable floating on their back & able to completely submerge their head under water.
Level 1  For the beginning swimmer age 4 and over.

WATER SAFETY  For children ages 3 and under (parent must attend with child). Introduces parent/child to water, pool safety and proper teaching techniques. All lessons taught by Certified Instructors. Cost is $35 per parent/child.

Private swim lessons are available – please call 770.345.2990.